Two Dragons [of Bath]

Anne Radu

Anne Radu was born in South Devon, which accounts for her affinity with the sea and coastal areas.  She moved to Amsterdam after finishing school in Bristol, where she started painting psychedelic paintings, often with words hidden in them, a series of work which is still ongoing today.  She stayed in Holland for nine years, working and studying English at the Gemeente University there. 


On her return to the U.K. she did another degree and later, an M.A. in Visual Culture at Bath Spa University College.  In 1990/92 she moved briefly to Romania, spending time in Bucharest and the Black Sea, a country which deeply impressed her with the beauty and variety of its landscapes.  For many years she had a studio in Wiltshire, where she also taught at various colleges and art groups. 


She now lives back on the South Coast where she is developing new work influenced by the ever-changing atmosphere of the British landscape and coastline.  As well as painting, she spends her time sailing and playing the piano and is just as happy living on a boat as on land! 

Wind against Tide

Dreamscape with Limestone

2 Sussex Place

Bath     BA2 4LA


Tel:  01225 444383