Two Dragons [of Bath]

Jo's Work:

Jo Lucas constructs paintings that explore dimensions of our earth. The physical construction of the work is as vital as the resolved image and the process of making a painting is a long one. 


The duration of time it takes to resolve an image reflects on her continual striving for a balance of colour, texture, shape and form with an underlying depth and resonance of the real world.  Working in mixed media, the painter builds up layer upon layer upon layer of marks.  Her working pace is quick but this process is lengthy. 


The work is wonderfully abstract but not entirely

non-representational.  Jo Lucas’s paintings allow us to see with our ‘mind’s eye’ and through her treatment of the painted surface we make our own connection with a certain wild place, a beautiful time of day or striking seasonal effect.

2 Sussex Place

Bath     BA2 4LA


Tel:  01225 444383

'Stride' by Jo Lucas

Mixed Media on canvas

155cm x 155cm


'Dive' by Jo Lucas

Mixed Media on canvas

155cm x 155cm