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After gaining an Honours degree in Creative Arts in Cheshire in 1989, for some years Kate made and exhibited dream-like photomontage inspired by Dada and Surrealism. However in 1994 Kate reached a turning point in her career when she was asked by a primary school to build a mosaic with pupils on the school wall. Finding it a fascinating experience, she became engrossed in the art form, developing her own unique style. She works with schools and community groups, and was the mosaic tutor with Wells Adult Learning and Leisure for 6 years. She also works to commission making mosaics for the home and garden.

In 2005 she attended a course at the Orsoni mosaic workshops in Venice, renowned for the production of traditional materials, where she received a master of mosaic.

Kate uses a variety of materials such as stained glass, coloured mirror, ceramic mosaic tile and vitreous glass tile, but her passion for Venetian smalti glass and gold leaf mosaic makes this her preferred medium. She prefers it for its depth of colour and vibrant nature, and the gold leaf for its ethereal, joyous quality, which gives her mosaics that special spark. She is inspired by nature, and ancient myth. Much of her work tells a story, it is often symbolic and metamorphic. She interprets natural elements such as wind and heat by careful selection and preparation of the mosaic material.

Kate is member of British Association for Modern Mosaic(BAMM), Bath Area Network for Artists (BANA), and the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen. She exhibits her work frequently around the UK, and has work featured in national and international publications, as well as having work in several private collections in the UK.


Spirit of the Leaves

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